Our Story

We think we excel at both making jewellery and making people happy. Therefore, we think there is no better present than a piece of beauty to put on your loved one's finger and realize that it fits both their style and personality. Because there is soul in stone and there should be meaning in the presents we choose for the ones we love! Based on their date of birth, we can freely advise you what stones would fit them best so you can buy that perfectly inspired present!

Venus jewellery is more than a family business - it is the passion that drives us to do what we love for many generations. Our extensive experience in the jewellery industry recommends us as a provider of premium precious stones and our clients come back to us for all their life events. There is no greater joy to see generations of clients who trust you with their life stories and who share your passion for beautiful things. We pride ourselves in believing that our business isn't only about beautiful objects - it is also a bout people and matching them with the right product. This is why one of our favourite parts of the business is birthstone jewellery.




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